17 Things That Happen When An Overthinker Develops A New Crush

Story of my life lol

Thought Catalog

Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldScott Pilgrim vs. The World

1. Try to convince yourself you actually don’t. Because crushes are a damn commitment! And you certainly don’t have time for *feelings* and all the worrying that goes along with. Nope. Noooo. You absolutely do NOT have a crush.

2. …And then you see that perfect face and your heart is instantly pulverized into a mushy smoothie — Fine. Whatever. You might have a crush.

3. Making eye contact becomes a huge conscious effort. Because there’s some weird part of you that thinks, somehow, they will look at you and just KNOW. Your eyes will totally tell on you – “Hey, hey! I’ve got some juicy gossip. See this person? The one looking at you through me? He/she LOVES you! Hehe.”

4. Pratice conversations in the shower. Or on your drive to work. Just chilling in bed on a lazy Sunday. Basically any place you…

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