6 Reasons Sex With An Ex Is Never Really ‘Casual’

Thought Catalog

Franca GimenezFranca Gimenez

1. Because this ain’t a movie.

You’re drunk and ravenous and he looks delicious. You’re pulsing with that cinematic “if it feels this wrong, it must be right” feeling; this is a bad idea, and that turns you on. What’s the big deal, after all? You’re just going to tear each other’s clothes off, fuck, and walk out the door, right? No feelings, no reopened doors, no regrets, right? Wrong. This ain’t a movie, babe. Sobriety and reality will ensue simultaneously, and you’ll be hit with the sore, unglamorous reminder that you broke up with him for a reason…and now that reason is stinking up your bedsheets.

2. Because the before-and-after is empty.

If you’re really bent on making this a strictly “casual” encounter, you’ll realize you’re critically limited in terms of pre-and-post-coital intimacy. No close cuddling, no warm compliments, no soft hair-stroking or “I love you.” It…

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