10 Reasons No One Should Be Friends With Their Ex

Thought Catalog


1. You’ll be tempted to have sex whenever you hang out.

Since sex is especially awesome with someone whose body you know inside and out, banging an ex can be super convenient and satisfying. Ex sex is a shortcut to a high-quality orgasm, but it’s only advisable if you can rely on your former partner to swing by for a one-night-stand and then promptly excuse himself or herself from your life until the next time you’re alone and horny and not really in the mood to jerk off. If your ex wants to be your fuck buddy until you land yourself an upgrade, fine. But if you choose to classify your ex as an actual friend, you’ll find yourself tempted to engage in a convenient grade-A boning session whenever you hang out and you can’t fuck and buck a friend because that’s just rude.

2. Your established boundaries won’t…

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