Just a random thought that came to mind.

We were brought up to fear nightmares. But I think what really scares me are the good dreams. The best dreams. For when we wake up from the bad, we are comforted with knowing that none of it was true – there was and is and will be no three headed unicorn monkey lion donkey freak chasing you. But when we wake up from the best dreams… We’re devastated from it not being true. How upsetting is it to know that you weren’t actually running along the beach with your boyfriend who lives 6000 miles away from you. Idk. Thought got to me. 


Lol ofc I still fucking care but I also care about myself and its high time I make my happiness my priority ah lol? 


This is how I know I love you.

A familiar ache.

A familiar taste of salty tears on my lips.

A sting.

I’ve known all these. All the reasons i’m the guarded girl I am today.

The difference is that at the end of all this temporary pain, I can smile and know that I’m looking towards permanent happiness.

It’s knowing that I want this to work even though it hurts.

It’s knowing that you give me the support that I need to pull through.

It’s knowing that I am enough for you.

It’s knowing that I let my guard down; for you.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I won’t know if I don’t try.

Thank you for your faith, determination and love.

F*ck You.

I kinda realised that there is a problem with having so much love to give.

You just get taken for ass shit granted.

People always want what they can’t have… and you constantly giving, not expecting anything in return, unafraid of running dry, keep feeding these unappreciative people and make them the way they are.

Time to teach them a mother fucking lesson.

Yes. I may not run dry loving you. I can love you till the day I die and not run dry.
But I will not.

People are not deserving of your love if they take it for granted.
I will invest it in those who do.

Sayonara mother fucker.

17 Things That Happen When An Overthinker Develops A New Crush

Story of my life lol

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldScott Pilgrim vs. The World

1. Try to convince yourself you actually don’t. Because crushes are a damn commitment! And you certainly don’t have time for *feelings* and all the worrying that goes along with. Nope. Noooo. You absolutely do NOT have a crush.

2. …And then you see that perfect face and your heart is instantly pulverized into a mushy smoothie — Fine. Whatever. You might have a crush.

3. Making eye contact becomes a huge conscious effort. Because there’s some weird part of you that thinks, somehow, they will look at you and just KNOW. Your eyes will totally tell on you – “Hey, hey! I’ve got some juicy gossip. See this person? The one looking at you through me? He/she LOVES you! Hehe.”

4. Pratice conversations in the shower. Or on your drive to work. Just chilling in bed on a lazy Sunday. Basically any place you…

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Jasper read this! …. Why Dumping That Toxic Friend Is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

krissana_renae“Dumping” a friend can be just as bad, if not worse, than dumping a significant other. Removing someone from your life who does not bring value, positivity, and support can be difficult to stomach through. When you truly care about someone, it is easy to be a good friend. Yes, friends can do some not-so-nice…


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Jordan Sanchez1. You don’t get the same kind of closure. The end of any relationship isn’t easy. It’s a weird thing — that someone can be part of your life…and then they just…aren’t. But when you’ve had an established relationship with a very concrete beginning, you get to close out that chapter feeling a bit…


This Is How You Give Too Much In Your Relationship, And This is How You Can Change It

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Elovich Elovich

“Give and you will receive” has always been a constant in my life. It has been something that was ingrained in my spirit since I was a small child. It’s basic, it’s transactional, it’s human. It is simply in our nature to want to give to those who we care about. It is common to want to give more and more to the people we find the most worthy. It is also true that we give too much to those who do not deserve it. And while you should not always expect something in return when you give out of the goodness of your heart, you need to be wary of how much you give when you enter into a relationship with someone. Relationships can be a tricky game of give and take. It can be hard to decipher who is worth what parts of you and in what…

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Our Love Story In 10 Paragraphs

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He offered me a cigarette and a bottle to fix my broken head. You look fucking miserable, he told me. And I was. How did I end up here? A party full of future startup bros and punk kids in torn jean jackets co-existing because this is college and this is what happens when someone posts on Facebook there’s a party with at least one keg and unlimited chill vibes. I take the cigarette, even though I don’t smoke, and deny the pills because drugs scare me. We talk about The Libertines and movies and he tells me Bret Easton Ellis is his favorite author. You shouldn’t say things like that out loud, I tease, before escaping to the front lawn. He asks for my number, writes it on the back of his hand, and promises to call me the next day after class.


Along our bodies we…

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