How do you fit your life into a suitcase?

I don’t know how to take this…

I guess i’m excited, but i’m so afraid.

Thankfully i’m not jumping into the deep end of the pool on this one, but it’s deep enough to drown.

I got accepted into Melbourne University about a week ago and that changed my whole life.

From the caged up little birdy, to the girl who’ll be living without parental guidance.

Thankfully i have my older sister there to look after me if not i’ll probably drown in the water that leaked out of the toilet because i forgot to turn off the tap.

Having to pack your life into a suitcase is so…. difficult. I look at all the things around me and I don’t know what I’ll need or won’t need.

And what about all the products that i’ll expire soon… who’s going to use them?

Furthermore, my parents are thinking of putting up this house for rent so i’ve to get rid of some of my stuff which makes it even more difficult. It’s such a torturous period for me.

And while packing, i’m thinking of all the people i’ll have to say goodbye to… keeping in mind that some people i’m saying goodbye to, i’ll say goodbye to for good. Everyone knows that when you go overseas, you lose a lot of friends. I’m kind of thankful though. It’s a great elimination process that life helps you with… getting rid of all the fake friends.

Ahh so much thinking…. sigh.

Just hope I get the worries out and manage to keep my cool for the next 1 and a half months before I say goodbye ✈️


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