“So you’re saying you’re single?” He asked.

“Very much single and available!” She replied.

“Why’d you ask such a thing? I would’ve thought it was obvious that I was. You know.. With me being alone tonight and everything.” She added.

“It’s not that. You just look unavailable.” He said.

“Unavailable? What do you mean? How does one look unavailable?” She questioned in confusion.

“Well I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I’ve been noticing you for quite some time. It’s just this vibe you give off. You stand by the sides in all your beauty alongside the lonely, but you appear just fine while the others are desperately waiting for someone to ask them to dance. Boys fall at your feet but you don’t seem to notice. Their desperate attempts at flirting have resulted in a bruise in their ego – being rejected by that cringed nose laughter as if to say ‘nice try but I’m with someone else’.”

“Perhaps I just don’t need anyone. Perhaps my heart is somewhere else.” She said with a lump in her throat.

“That kind of independence should be applauded and is so attractive… Although I don’t mean to say you’re not independent or attractive. I believe your reasoning is the latter perhaps. 

That man in your heart should know that he’s a lucky one. For a woman as beautiful as you to be unavailable to most just for him, that kind of love is a strong and special one. He must be something special, huh?”

“He is.”


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