Surprise surprise mother fuckers.

Emotionally unstable bitch went on a date today.

Yea, too soon. Definitely. But i’m not looking for anything romantic anyway.

It was a great date. He’s pleasant. Charming. Sweet. sorta outspoken… I like that!

I mean apart from the fact that he’s really loud and has a problem with then’s and than’s.

I think he has an amazing personality!

I actually think I might like this guy. But it’s definitely too soon for me to be moving on!

But I know we can’t work out because of time.

I don’t know some part of me wishes it would.

But i also kinda know that it won’t ): this is kinda sad ):

I’m kinda sad ):

This was a pointless post but whatever.

I’m kinda high rn. just got home from zouk.



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