She prayed and prayed so hard, everyday, to find someone to call her own. She’s seen the others – how happy the can be – and she craves it. Just a fraction of it. It’s starting to look well, but all she’s left with is a handful of memories and a heart full of sorrow.
Attractive when broken, so it seems. Everyone wants a go at picking up the pieces and putting her together. When they realize that it’s no longer a puzzle for 7+ and up, but a piece which only puzzle lovers would attempt, they give up.
|| Sudden revelation.
She’s not the girl next door.
She’s not for any odd person.
She’s niche.
And only someone willing to stay long enough to fix her can complete her and will be worthy of all her love – as she will be, his. ||
She’s prayed and prayed so hard to be some sort of sticky board fly trap.
Be so attractive and they’ll stick to you.
(Shit analogy, I know. But wait, it’s coming.)
She kept working towards her goals and exceeded by miles but she didn’t know.
Suddenly, she was the most attractive thing you’d see.
Flies from all over were coming for her.
She was there, noticing and loving the attention.
Her smile beamed so bright, almost like the sun. She was so close to getting what she wanted.
She saw him – that special fly.
She wanted him – that special fly.
She knew she could give him all the love he needed – that special fly.
But as soon as he got close, she noticed him start to change.
Before she knew it, he was gone. For good.

She tried so hard to be something else. Something she was not meant to be.
She wanted the clouds – she always went big or went home – but aimed for the stars.
She became a much better version of a fly trap.
Not attractive & sticky.



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