7 Reasons Why I Want To Be More Like My Cat

Thought Catalog

I am the proud owner of a beautiful chubby cat named Tommy. He is an almost nine-year-old white and orange tabby weighing in at seventeen pounds with just as much character and spunk. Over the years of me loving him and him tolerating me, he has taught me many lessons that for him come so naturally. It makes me wish that I was the one born with whiskers, a tail, and an insatiable taste for raw salmon.

1. He makes it known if he doesn’t like something instead of staying around to tolerate it.

He hates baths, oranges, and my father. When he hears water running, he bolts. When he smells even the tiniest whiff of citrus, he’s gone. When Dad’s characteristic stomp-step echoes through the hall, he zips away. He doesn’t allow himself to be surrounded by what he considers negatives for any length of time at all. He…

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