Dear you,

It’s kind of funny, how life works sometimes. It takes awhile for
things that mattered once to be unimportant. I think of you a lot
sometimes. I think of the time we could have spent together. Goodness,
sometimes I wish you never left. I wish you stayed a bit longer and
witnessed all of the things I wished for to happen. I let go some of
the memories we made and that made me so sad. I know that life doesn’t
pause for those who are sad. But gosh, I wish it did. It is hard for
me to watch everyone keep living while I am here struggling. I made
all kinds of promises that I knew I would keep, but you left anyway. I
promised to love you, take care of you, and make you feel happy, but
you left anyway. I wish you didn’t. I wanted out lives to become one.
I wanted you to love me back just as much as I loved you and not leave
like all of the things I did and said were nothing. I wanted you to
realise that my life was somehow linked to yours. And that it would
take awhile for things to be okay after what happened. The bottom
line is, I loved you. I still love you. And i always hoped for you to
stay with me. And now, with you being gone, things seem to be dull and
unimportant; because you mattered to me more than everything else.
There will be life after this sadness, I know that, but I wish there
wasn’t. Because that means things will be different and I will keep
living knowing that there is someone kissing you or taking you out on
dates. So, this is a reminder that on matter what happens, you will
always be in my heart. I will hope you keep on living even though a
part of me hopes that you don’t. I hope you travel like you always
always wanted. And hope you get happy. Because I believe that things
happen for a reason regardless of how good or bad they are. I hope you
get the strength to leave everything that makes you sad behind. And if
I am one of those things, I hope you leave me behind and stop thinking
of me. I just want you to be happy. And don’t worry about me, I will
find my way out of this.

I know we ended it before it started – whatever we had going on between
us – but know that it meant something to me. There are so many things I
want to say but no proper way to say them. I will keep listening to
your favourite songs and read your favourite books until I meet someone
else that becomes what reminds me of them. I will carry on. And I hope
you do that, too.



I did not write this.
Credit it due to Abraham M. Alghanem.
every. word.
describes exactly how I feel.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you for your love.


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