I know that some things take time
I don’t like to think so
Because I want you now
In my arms
So I can kiss you a
And make you laugh

I wish you were here
Or I was there.

If I has less than a minute to live
I would kiss you
Again and again
As if the world was ending
And you’re the only thing left to love.

I wish you were here
So I could hold you like the Earth holds the oceans
And kiss you like the rain kisses the lonely.

I will love you
Until Niagara stops falling
And the earth swallows all oceans

I won’t forget you
Or your smile
Because it takes a life time to forget things that beautiful.

You are broken
You are sad
You hate yourself as much as you hate school
You think too much
About unimportant things
And you let them get to you
You cry yourself to sleep
You hurt yourself
And you think that you don’t deserve anything good
But I promise you
With everything in me
That one day
You will still feel the tears of happiness
You will stop crying so much
And you will love yourself
I promise you that one day
Someone will call you beautiful
And they will make you feel it too
I promise you that you will be loved
With all of your flaws and insecurities
I promise.

People change either for someone
Because of someone.

I can’t make you hurt less. I can’t take your pain and bury it in me;
deep down for it to hurt me too. I am too messed up, too sad, and far
too selfish. I can’t make myself happy. I can’t make promises I know I
can’t keep. I am always in need for someone. Even though I know I
don’t deserve anyone. I am sorry, but all I can do is love you. I
might not love you in the way you want me to, or be there for you all
the time. But I will love you. And I hope that is enough.

Love always,


Things you need to know about me:

I like to be alone. I like spending time with nothing else but books
or just a pillow and a blanket. I tend to over-think the smallest
things, because I think that if I don’t, they will hurt me more than
what they’re supposed to. I love books to the point where I want to
die reading, because I know I will be happy. I don’t show my joy
that often. I like to keep these little things and little smiles to
myself. Because when things get hard, they’re all I have. I need
you to tell me that you’re lucky to have me every now and then. I need
to know that you will still feel the same way then you hug me, kiss
me, or make love to me. There will always be good things happening
around us, but I want you to know that I will only care about you. I
won’t pay attention to anything else but you. I will love with my
whole heart and more. I will stay up until you fall asleep, and kiss
your lips when you wake up. I will buy you presents even when you tell
me not to. I will kiss your cheeks, hold you hand, and make you laugh
when it is hard to laugh. I am just like that. When I love someone, I
love them with everything in me. Because I always think that if I
don’t, they will look for love somewhere else. And I hope you
understand my need to be alone sometimes. I just really need it,
because it is the only time when I am actually not afraid of thinking
or just feeling sad. Don’t worry, though, I will keep looking at the
night sky and notice beautiful things; I will keep kissing your lips,
and asking you for help when I need it. I will love you. My sadness
will never stop me from loving you, ever.

Love always,


I went to bed too many times
Hoping to wake up with the thought of you fading away
But every time I get up
I find myself wishing you’d stay
In my head and in my heart
Because they’re empty
And hollow
And dark
It’s better to have memories of someone who left
Than having nothing at all.

I want to kiss you a thousand times
Until the taste your lips give stays on mine
I want to kiss where your heart is
And where your wounds ache
I want to kiss your cheeks
Your eyelids
And the soft spots behind your ears
I want to kiss you all over
Because I don’t want you to be hurting anywhere.

You shouldn’t laugh or smile
With anyone but me
Because I know you
And what you have been through
I understand why you frown
And why you cry
You can breakdown or be happy
It wouldn’t matter
Because I’ll understand
You’ll be safe
With me.

I kiss you
You kiss me back
I hug you
You hug me back
We go to sleep together
And wake up holding each other
Mornings are the best times of my life
Because I am always with you
Touching your back
And running my fingers through your hair
But I am terrified that someday
You’ll wake up feeling differently.

I want to be happy
But it is too late
Because my eyes are already tired
My soul is worn through
I have lost myself
And you too.

I know I am hard at times
So hard that I don’t even imagine someone being in love with me
I know how sad I am
And how I am feeling all the time
But you are always here
I love you
I really do
But I don’t know why you have never left
Because you can get anyone in the world
I don’t know why you chose me
I am sorry though
For putting you through hell
And never telling you how I feel
I am sorry for being sad
And unhappy
Even though you try your best to make me feel like that
I am sorry we never been on the same page
But please know that it is hard for me to make someone love me
Because everyone I let in left at the end
I hope you stay though
And love me more
I’ll hurt you
And I’ll make you upset
But I’ll love you with all of my heart.

One sided love is not your fault,
Or theirs,
It just is, and always will be
A cause of heartache.
In which you will drown,
Until you find someone who will love you enough to save you
From your own sea of tears.



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