Here it is! Thank Thank you post. Bear with me for awhile ya?

Rachel – My best friend.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. For listening to me when I talk.
I dislike pandora so much for their silver chains because… silver is not my colour at all.
But when I tried yours on, I fell in love with it and said that I was going to get one for myself.
You heard, you remembered, you executed. The charm, of course it’s the same one I got you – the luggage.
We only went on one trip together, but it was my first time travelling alone-ish and it was with no one else, but you. It has a special meaning to us (: Here’s to more travels together.

Rachel’s family.
Y’all are family. I’m so lucky to have y’all in my life and to be loved by y’all!
Thank you for taking care of me when I was at my lowest. Thank you for the countless of lunches I’ve had with y’all and the annual steamboats you guys host. Thanks for making your home, mine.
I love y’all endlessly.

Yan – Thank you for loving me. Thanks for randomly sending me funny videos too! Always makes my day.
There’s no one quite like you and i’m so thankful that you’re the one with my best friend. I trust you to look after her happiness. Together, we will give her all the happiness in the world and give her all the love she deserves, ok?

Celeste – Thanks for coming and for looking after my sweet sweet ash tho she can be a pain in the butt sometimes (sry ash). Thanks for pouring liquor all over me too… I will never forget that. And also for being a hell of a friend.

Tessa – My main girl.
Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me. I can’t even express how much I love you honestly.
It’s almost like a little sister, but more to friend I guess. I have this “I need to take care of you” feeling all the time, but it really seems like you’re the one taking care of me. When I’m down in the dirt and try to hide from the world, you notice it and help me wipe away my sorrows. For all that, i’m thankful.

Tessa’s family.
Thank you for loving me like one of yours. I love how we click because we use the same lingo and all. I’m so thankful for yall and your hospitality. Love you all.
Alvin – Thanks… Hahaha thanks for being such a good friend to me and also looking after Tessa. Continue to make her happy and our friendship won’t end in bloodshed. jk. not jk.

Sasha – My girlfriend.
Or so we like to say.. Who knew that going to spins would make me a new friend – a close one. Thank you for listening to me when i’m talking also. I know a lot of people who just hear what I say, but hardly ever do I meet people who listen. I told you about how I love cuddling bears to sleep but the two that I cuddle with either:
1. remind me of my ex
2. has a hard nose so it hurts to cuddle with it.
Then you get me a HUGE bear with a soft nose that’s almost the size of me??????!!!!!!
Also, there was this one time when you came over and was looking at my huge perfume collection and I explained to you that I don’t buy them, I receive them as gifts from my aunt because she works at a cosmetics store. And how they’re always different scents so I can never get my favourite – bright crystal – again, then you go and get it for me?
You’re the greatest listener I know.
And one of the greatest friends too.

Elaine & Justin.
Thanks for coming!!
I just met you J, so I’m sorry I can’t say much!
E, I’m so thankful for you. So thankful you were the only one there for me when I was at a low at life on one random day. I hope our friendship gets nothing but stronger. I love you – and olive too.

Shermin – my tiny.
Thanks for always being there for me and for always being on my side. I’m thankful that you still trust me with all your problems and coming to me for solutions and for always remembering what i say and shooting them back at me when i’m making horrible decisions.

Seow – My bae.
You’re like a little fragile soul I want to look after, but at the same time one of the strongest people I know. Even though we only got close not too long ago, I appreciate and love you very much. Thanks for always being there for me and helping me through one of the worst times in my life. I owe you so much.

Skye – the “might as well be my sister”
Idk what you did to my family, but they love you.
Pity we’ve drifted, but I still love you the same. I’m thankful for you. I really am.
Also, move the fuck back into my house. It’s an order.

Lo – My guardian angel.
How we got close, no one knows. I love our friendship tho. It’s beautiful, like you.
I love how comfortable I am and can be around you and I love how understanding you are.
So extremely thankful for you. For being there for me at my lowest too!

De – My small.
Thanks for always being there for me. For being my dance partner. For always checking up on me when I tweet sad shit. pity we arent as close as before but know that I still love and appreciate you.

Keith Lim – The uninvited Intellectual.
Thank you for popping by. Thanks for your intellectual conversations. I love them. It’s always a pleasure to be in your presence. And you also never fail to cheer me up and you don’t even know it… well your sleeping lips do anyway. HAHA.

Jeremy Janssens – My friend/brother/bodyguard/mother/father/boyfriend/husband – everything.
I don’t even know how we got close. Well I do. But I never expected it.
Yknow the first time I met you was when I picked Keith from the airport. Swear to god I thought you were judging me and hated me. If it’s even worth remembering, I remember a few conversations with Keith about how I was scared of you. You so kindly helped us with our problems, and unfortunately for us, it didn’t end as well as we wanted it to but it’s okay. I got to know you. You looked after me so well and understood me like no one else did. I guess I’m so comfortable with you because I see a little bit of myself in you. (Except the childish part cause u a kid and we all know it). I’m so thankful for you la really. I can’t afford to lose you. 25 yea?

Andre Pereira – cousin/uncle.
So thankful for you. You’re one of those distant relatives who are just as close to me as my first cousins and for that i’m so thankful. Thanks for looking out for me always. I love you!!!

Swarley – My confidante.
I remember meeting you a long ass time ago and you told me your entire life story. Hahaha, So glad we met again and what are the chances that you’re close to the people I’m closest to now. I’m so grateful for you, you’re such a sweetheart.

I’m scared of you man. Glad I met you tho. And… thanks for coming along to surprise me also!! Really grateful!


Mummy and daddy.
Thank you for doing everything I asked for. You guys are the best, honestly.
I love yall so so so much!


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  1. skyeho says:

    Reblogged this on Kicking Buckets and commented:
    OMG i didnt expect to be included in this :’)) happy belated birthday juju i love you so much and i have yet to get you a gift im so sorry 😭 i’ll get you one soon!! i love you :’)

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