To The One Who Took Me Back (Even Though I Was With Someone Else)

Thought Catalog

I’m sorry. You are the love of my life and I left you for someone else. I was temped by the draw of something new, something different. I know it’s hardly an excuse, but I needed this time to realize you were the one for me all along.

It had been six years, and I was becoming bored and restless. You should have expected it, you had to have noticed my wandering eye. You must have known because you let me go without a fight. Our last week together was special and something I’ll never forget. I saw a side of you that I had never seen before, and in some ways, it felt like I was looking at you again for the very first time.

But then it was over, I packed my car, took all my things, and drove across the country to start my new life.


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