10 Drinks Guys Order And The Secret Judgments Girls Are Making About Them

3, 4 & 10 lol.

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1. The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel type of domestic beer: First off, I’m not even sure bars actually carry this poor quality of brewskie, but if some do, and some dudes order it, that is just unacceptably nasty. Have you no tastebuds, sir? Have you no taste (in the figurative sense)? And, let me be clear; I’m not talking about any of the BIG brand beers. I’m talking about Keystone, Busch Light, or freaking Milwaukee’s Best. These beers are best served lukewarm and when you’re still underage. If a guy orders this, he probably thinks fast food is an acceptable date meal, thinks the smaller the clothes the better, and has a thing for orange skin and heavy eye makeup. Steer clear and let him drink his water with a splash of beer in peace.

2. Wine: This can be tricky. On one hand, it’s incredibly sexually appealing when…

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