Dear you,

I will remember you not as you are but as you were.

Who you were when we were friends. Who you were when you loved me too. But most of all, Who you were when I fell in love with you.

I’ve almost already forgotten everything about you. You’re just a name, a face. A body.

I’ve almost forgotten that smile of yours.
I’ve almost forgotten your chuckle.
Almost forgotten that laugh.
I’ve almost forgotten how you smell or how you taste, or how your touch sent shivers down my spine.

I’ve almost forgotten the way my heart skips a beat at the sound of your name. Or the way my legs get weak at the sight of you.

But only almost. Because I still remember. Everything. You’re more than a name, a face and a body. You’re the one I’ve loved the most and I’ve already given a big part of myself to you that I can’t take back, even if I wanted to.

You’re so selfless, I love that about you. Always putting others first. You’re so charming. You’ve a great sense of humor. You’re so fit. You’re so thoughtful, so caring. Generous too. You’re loving, understanding, and patient. I should’ve worked harder to make you stay.

But then again, love is ultimately compromise. And if we’re not meant to be, then we’re not meant to be.

I still love you though, but I understand that your infatuation has long subsided. Pity I trusted your misinterpretation of your own feelings and ended up like this. My next love was supposed to be long lasting and beautiful. But never mind.

I will Remember you. I will never forget.

I can never forget.


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