How To Get A Girlfriend In 26 Easy Steps

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Alex Dram image – Flickr / Alex Dram

  1. Just be yourself!
  2. How’d that last step go? Horribly? Exactly. Keep reading.
  3. Does the girl you want to date have a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband? If so, you must be realistic about your odds. Is he more successful than you? Is he more charming? Taller? Better looking? If you were her, would you rather have sex with him or you? If you were you, would you rather have sex with her or him? Are you gay? Maybe you’re gay.
  4. You need to differentiate yourself from the pack – what makes you unique? What sets you apart? Hopefully it’s your sense of style and not the number of fingers you have.
  5. You’re going to need to step up your flirting game. A skilled flirter can make the initial stages of meeting someone fun and exciting and can signal attraction without coming across desperate or overeager…

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