10 Signs Your Relationship Is Sucking the Life Out Of You

Thought Catalog

(500) Days Of Summer(500) Days Of Summer

We all know there are the “typical” reasons for leaving a relationship. Things like cheating, lying, blatant disrespect, physical abuse, addiction, etc. But what about those little things that happen day in and day out, that eat away at your soul, that cause you to shrink, that leave you feeling like crap!?

Not sure where to draw the line between loving someone for who they are and distancing yourself from them because they are consistently hurting or manipulating you? Most of us try so hard to love and take care of our partners (family, friends, colleagues) that we begin to neglect ourselves.

Most times these behaviors are unintentional, sometimes it’s done on purpose — either way, it breaks you down. You don’t know how to express it, change it or control it. The dynamic of the relationship isn’t what it once was, whether it’s been months…

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