Why I Still Support My Best Friend’s Decision To Stay With Her Cheating Boyfriend

Thought Catalog


My best friend and roommate since Freshman year of college has been dating this guy since they were 16. C’mon, 16. As someone who can only stay committed to a piece of pizza, I can’t lie and say that I am not impressed. Their relationship has been full of trials and tribulations throughout the years of adolescence, as well as the transition into college and the exchange of V-cards. My best friend has literally poured her heart and soul out for this guy, and I’ve seen it returned, to an extent.

They’re best friends, lovers, and so much more. Think about it – they have endured heartache, death, rainstorms, every current event since 2009, blizzards, and even cheating. Cheating – our keyword here today – is not something any sane and loving person takes lightly. My best friend has had to deal with the consequences of infidelity, a crime against…

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