The Difference Between Love And Lust

Thought Catalog


You stumble across someone new, and whether it was the first words exchanged or the initial “I’ve got my eyes on you” approach, sparks are flying. You’ve got the nervous laughing going on, a weird flutter in your stomach, and did I mention the way his eyes sparkle? Everything is going great, and conversation is coming more naturally than you anticipated. This is what you’ve been waiting for, and before you know it- you’re hooked. On lust.

Soon enough, texts are being exchanged and maybe some plans are being put into place. (And hopefully, he’s the one doing the planning!). Nerves are definitely not going unnoticed, and you’re telling your friends all the great qualities you’ve found about this guy within your short span of getting to know one another. Of course they’ve seen this before, whether it was with you or another friend along the way. And by…

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