When You Just Need To Go Somewhere

Thought Catalog

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I couldn’t be in my house. I needed to be alone. Somewhere outside. I wanted to sit outside as the sun set, completely left to my own thoughts and the hum of nature. I was feeling frantic — unable to relax. I had just spend an eight and a half hour workday sitting at a desk, staring blankly at a computer monitor, answering the phone when it rang (which was under ten times), and reading. Despite the fact that I just sat there from morning to late afternoon, I was exhausted. Hungry too, after my lame lunch of a yogurt, some blueberries, and the last of my pretzels from the day before. I got lost on the way home, still unfamiliar with the route to and from my new temp job. And to top it off, my boyfriend and I got in a ridiculous and unnecessarily heated argument over where…

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