The 10 Struggles Of Only Attracting The People You Aren’t Attracted To

Thought Catalog

1. You end up just thinking nobody is attracted to you, because the people you aren’t attracted to never seem to count in your mind.

You equate not being able to find somebody who is mutually interested in you as “literally there is not one person on this planet that wants me, I am going to be alone forever.”

2. “Look, if I wanted to be in a relationship, I could be, I could date this person or this person or this person, but I don’t want to…”

… is something you’ve said, on numerous occasions, to various people, justifying the fact that you aren’t completely sexually reprehensible.

3. You have contemplated what exactly it is about you that keeps drawing in the complete weirdos.

And that maybe it’s an issue of your standards just being too high.

4. You’ve had to wonder what makes somebody worthy of dating another person, when people say: “you can…

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