Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend’s Future Wife

Thought Catalog

conrado / (Shutterstock.com) conrado / (Shutterstock.com)

Dear Mysterious Lady:

We have never met and I doubt we ever will. However, not knowing who you are hasn’t stopped me from having imaginary conversations with you. I used to envy you. I used to be jealous of you. Not anymore.

In fact, he hasn’t met you, either. But I’m sure you are somewhere out there, waiting for your moment to enter his life, let the magic happen, and start a life with him. I know—reading something his ex-girlfriend once wrote is probably the last thing you’d like to do, but stay with me.

My path crossed his only for a few months. Time and distance were against us. We knew we would end up hurt, but we gave in anyway. It was an intense period of time, filled with strong emotions amplified by the expiration date. It was liberating. We could focus solely…

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