It’s Not You, It’s Not Me — It’s Us

Thought Catalog

We didn’t meet in any of those romantic comedy, “it’s a funny story” kind of ways. We didn’t even find each other attractive until months into our dysfunctional relationship. I’m surprised that I am even writing this given our unromantic, spark-less beginning.

Stories like ours should have started like a whirlwind romance — two lovers meet on a chance encounter, fall into a deep, passionate affair, but unfortunately find that they don’t have much of a connection outside the bedroom. If I could rewrite our story, it would start a little more like that, watered down to a more realistic, collegiate level — then our ending probably would make more sense, then I probably would have realized what was wrong between us long ago instead of replaying the story of us over and over again in my head desperately trying and piece together why exactly we couldn’t work — why…

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