32 Struggles Only Girls Know

Thought Catalog

Syda Productions / (Shutterstock.com) Syda Productions / (Shutterstock.com)

To quote Lily Allen, “It’s hard out there for a bitch.”


When you shave your legs ( finally) and get goose bumps three minutes later, ruining the perfectly smooth legs you just worked so hard for.


The constant inner battle regarding the hair on your toes. (“To shave, or not to shave.”)


Not being able to find the perfect mascara.


Having an ingrown hair…down “there.”


Constantly worrying about your manicure chipping while wondering if it’s kosher to just walk around with nail polish in your bag.


Finding a pocketbook that isn’t so big it makes your shoulder sore but isn’t so small that you can’t fit the basics in it.


Heels or no heels on a first date?


How to not have morning breath while having your hair look like a bird started…

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