There’s A Reason Why They Name Hurricanes After People

Thought Catalog

Have you ever wondered why they name hurricanes after people?

You started off small; just a tropical storm off the coast, nothing serious. I didn’t see it coming — no one really did. You seemed innocent enough, bringing just a little bit of bad weather into my life. A quick rain shower, nothing an umbrella and a raincoat couldn’t handle.

We were just friends. Good friends, friends that shared thoughts, feelings, dreams and fears, but friends all the same. I never thought I’d end up dating you — no one did — but it happened all the same.

You grew bigger. Storm warnings were issued. People were warned to board up their houses. Some people — people like me — didn’t think you were going to be anything serious. I can handle this, I said, and even if it gets scary, I’ll be able to deal with it.


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