The Truth About “The One”

Thought Catalog

You were in a relationship. It didn’t work out. You begin to blame yourself, blame others, then eventually find solace in the fact that they just aren’t the one for you.

“The One.” It sounds magical. It sounds like a fairytale. It sounds like a nice story to tell your grandkids. “Hey, did you know I had my heart broken five times until I met your grandmother? It was a wonderful story. It was fate. She’s the one for me.”

But do you really believe that?

I mean, don’t you think it’s relatively inconvenient for humankind to have just “the one”? Don’t you think it’s nuts that one person is exactly made for only one person and no one else? Well, to believe that there is only a single person for you is to believe that the number of girls in the world must equal the number of boys. It…

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