The Only Way You Can Control Everything Is If You F*ck It All Up

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Rasdak RodríguezRasdak Rodríguez

Back in college, there was this guy I worked with that, for six months at least, I had feelings for, but never said anything and, more importantly, never made it known in any way that I was interested in him. One night, my coworkers and I (and him) were all out at a pizza place and, after some beers, we both told each other outside of the bathrooms that we’d liked each other since I started the job and why did it take this long for us to tell each other? Then, we kissed. We kissed in the way that it said this was a thing, this could be big, this was going to mean something. He looked at me with love in his eyes and I tried to look at him back with that same look, but, I couldn’t. I was scared. I was more than scared…

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