I’m A Home Wrecker (And I’m Kind Of Okay With It)

Thought Catalog

It happened again. Another “This was a mistake,” text. I’ve gotten ‘em all: “I’m embarrassed about what we did…,” “… it felt right at the time,” or my personal favorite, “We were better off friends.” What inspires these texts? The same thing every time, just with a slightly different (yet totally the same) response. They are all from people that I’ve hooked up with that are already in relationships.

I know it’s wrong. I know I shouldn’t even be talking to them. Why pursue something that is bound to end badly? Why purposely hurt other people? Why suffer the heartache time and again? Honestly, I don’t know.

Of course there’s one obvious reason: I’m involving myself with people that aren’t emotionally available so that I won’t have to be emotionally available. I know this because of Freud or the movie Kinsey or the show Masters of Sex, any one…

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