I Committed Suicide

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Dávid Sterbik / flickr.comDávid Sterbik / flickr.com

It wasn’t even six months ago. I was at my lowest point. I’ve been in and out of depression for the majority of my life so it wasn’t a big deal. But this time, the depression was worse than I could have ever imagined and I couldn’t handle it. I got my dad’s 45 caliber gun and shot myself in the stomach.

I thought the worst was over. I was waiting to pass out and bleed to death. I was so naïve to think that I could just bleed to death. The thing was, I didn’t even pass out at all; less than five minutes after shooting myself, our house help came and saw me screaming and wondered why I was constantly moving and screaming in pain on my bed. She didn’t realize what had happened, even after seeing blood on both my stomach and my…

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