How To Tell When Someone Is Still In Love With You

Agh so beautiful.

Thought Catalog

We broke up, and he moved all of his stuff out of the apartment. He was kind to me and let me be the one to stay, at least for a little while. He knew I was changing jobs, and things were already complicated. He didn’t want me to have to deal with packing up and leaving on top of everything else. When he stood in the doorway, taking his keys off the ring to hand them to me, we couldn’t meet each other’s eyes. We knew we would cry if we did. And when he closed the door, I sat on the floor of my kitchen and cried for hours, until I fell asleep, next to the refrigerator.

It wasn’t working. We had tried and tried for more than a year, ignoring our fundamental differences, assuming that love would conquer all. And when we finally accepted that it wouldn’t…

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