A Thank You To Every Guy Who Has Broken My Heart

“After how I have been treated, I have come up with a new set of standards: Whoever I end up with will have to be as genuine and selfless as my dad, and those are some big shoes to fill.”

Thought Catalog

I would love to preach about heartbreak and the devastation of being hurt by someone you love, but you get that. We all go through it at some point in our lives. Instead, I’m here to tell you that having your heart broken really is a blessing, and thank you for that.

Thank you for showing me what I deserve by never giving it to me. I have learned that self-respect comes from being treated in a respectful way, and not tolerating anything less. Because of you, I will never again stay with a man who doesn’t appreciate what I have to offer, show that he cares about me, and ultimately, make me a better person.

Thank you for proving that I am strong as hell. You thought leaving me with no explanation or replacing me with some other girl would break me? Absolutely not.

Thank you for helping me…

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