A Letter To Those With Newly Broken Hearts

Thought Catalog

From the moment you told him the two of you were over, staring straight into his indifferent gaze, you have been burning. Your face is too warm, you feel like your skin is going to melt off. You can barely breathe, each inhale and exhale a choking attempt at self-preservation. You walk out his door and to your car, fighting the urge to look back over your shoulder. You imagine him chasing after you, pulling you into his arms. “We can make this work. I love you. We can make this work,” and kissing away your tears. You know he won’t do it but you still worry that a brief look back would jinx everything. When you get to your car you allow yourself a glance at his window. Is he watching you with tear-stained cheeks? He isn’t. You wish you hadn’t looked.

You will wake up tomorrow morning and…

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