6 Types Of Guys No Girl Should Waste Her Tears On (And The One That You Should)

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 12.23.00 PMThe Princess Bride

I’ll admit that most females have a tendency to be heartbroken a majority of the time. Blame it on the feminine victim mentality or whatever mumbo jumbo you want to attribute it to, but the truth is while we may spend most of our time crying, only a small portion of those dudes deserve the emotional waterfall that bare their names. Here is some tough love advice on the types you should not waste more than a moments notice over, and one that you should.

1. The guy who drops off the face of the planet. Everything was going great, and then POOF! You never hear from him again until months later, like he’s Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Why – just why are you upset about losing this communicationphobe?! Not texting is one thing, but sudden radio silence for no good reason is a red…

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