5 Things No One Tells You About Moving On

Thought Catalog

Brandon Warren / flickr.comBrandon Warren / flickr.com

I wish there was a manual titled “How to Move On and Let Go.” I wish that someone compiled the lessons from Pat Benatar and Adele songs, and placed them side-by-side with old wives’ tales to create graphs charting the suggested emotional trajectory of the first three months following a breakup. Maybe these would be among the findings:

1. It hurts. Like hell.

Picture this: for years, you work steadily every single day at building a life together. Every fight at 4am is about breaking walls and pillars down, about demolishing before rebuilding. Every talk about the future is a re-affirmation of direction. The army conscription notices and university offers are mutual decisions — a farewell party on a Saturday evening instead of a weekday, planning to spend more time in London instead of New York, choosing to enroll in a womens’ college.

And then one…

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