Happy Birthday Julie,

Exactly one week ago, I turned 19.


Went to the club to party. lame lame, boring boring, same same.

But I was happy, and that’s all that mattered, right?

I got more drunk than I ever did in my life, and woke up at my relative’s house.

I really owe him so many thanks…

We had a nice conversation in the morning, recollecting our night, when a group of people appeared at the door with a cake and a lit candle. My best friend, her siblings and my other friends came over to surprise me. I’ve never really been surprised before, so it was a really good feeling for me.

Then came surprise #2.

It was after dance class in school, and i was at Subway with Denise.

Suddenly, Tessa appeared out of nowhere…

They’d tricked me into believe that my “present that was not fit to be passed to me at the club” was a balloon. which was actully believable.

But no, it wasn’t that. They’d made me a video!! A compilation of stupid photos and videos of myself and also a montage of people wishing me. I’ve never felt so loved, honestly. They got so many people to be a part of they video, from my school friends to my classmates, to our usual friends, even my ex school mates!

Watching the video made me not only cry, but smile like and idiot – and at one point even roll on the floor of Subway. Oh silly me.

Also, they got me the pair of shoes i’ve been dying to get (‘:

I’m really so glad to have all these people in my life…So much for “not having any friends”.


Heheeheh Many thanks to all the people who were part of my birthday video montageeee 😀

Shaik, Gen, Jas, Ryan, Shannon, Grace, Leland, Simran, Jacky, Weiling, Annie, Ari, Emily, Yen Yen, Amanda, Lorraine, Pat Jon, Denise, Jihoi, Venus, Nicole, Raziv, Charmaine & Charlene, KJ, Covent, Nathan, Cara, Zu Er, Ellie, Michelle, Chew Rui, Beryl, Audrey, Joelynn, Janice, Brandon, Nicole, Vern, Sinwei, Izzat, Syafiq, Charlotte, Rachel, Matthew, Joel, Cherryl, Aunty Jonie, Majella, Fabien, Daddy, Jie, Jeselle, and OF COURSE, Denise and Tessa.

I love you all very much.


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