How You Learn To Love Again, And Why Your First Love Is Never The Greatest

Thought Catalog

Everybody is always making a big fuss over the “first love” concept, and how it’s this life-changing thing that never really fades away. But I feel like while your first love is great, and probably shows you things about yourself that you didn’t know, and inevitably breaks your heart, what we should really be talking about is the second and third and fourth great loves that show us that we can feel that way for someone again.

After that “first great love” breaks your heart you get to thinking they’re one in a billion, the only fish in this sea that could possibly jive with you, that could possibly make you want to touch them all night and then just sit next to them while watching Netflix and go grocery shopping and talk about the annoying things that happened today and all the little, ridiculous nuances of everyday life that 

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