We Need To Stop Obsessing About Being Single

I needed this.

Thought Catalog

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am as single as the day I was born. And I’ve legitimately been that way all of my life. Yes, I’ve participated in some of the pretentious “hanging out” nonsense that my generation loves to do. But even those occasions were few and far between. My early and mid-teen years, I couldn’t have bothered to date. And because I was still an ugly duckling in my perception of reality, I focused my attention on other things – like being smart, athletic, funny, and generally developing a personality.

For most of college, I was pretty confident about a lot of things but it was not till about senior year that I probably stopped feeling like an ugly duckling. And while college was fun, it was still obviously not the place I would be truthfully connecting with anyone. Fast-forward to post collegiate years and I suppose my…

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