How to go about Doing It Yourself – Ombré Hair.

Hello! It’s not very normal…

Posting as If I have an audience to my blog… But i’ll do it anyway~ Maybe it might benefit some people? Who knows?

Yesterday, I decided that “Exams are finally over, i’m going to party”. With no plans at all, I called up the most ‘yolo’ clubbing friend I had, and we were off to mink.

While in the queue, a really gorgeous gal – Emily – stopped me to ask me how I had my hair done.. If, or not, I had gone to the salon to do it.

Well, I did It myself!

I’ve always had ombré-ed hair since I can remember. Since I started at a polytechnic at least. And that’s about just over a year now..
I have gone to the salon to do it, so it technically isn’t done by myself, but I’ve changed the colour of the ends before, so I count it as I did it myself… hehe.

These were what I did with my hair when I had it ombré-ed:

Green/blue Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 11.49.12 AM

Well okay enough about me. Let’s just get into



Purchase a box of Gatsby Ex-Hi Bleach :


This can be found at any local drugstore or supermarket (i.e. Watsons, Fairprice, etc.) at about SGD$12.

Imagine that. A complex hairdo for only $12 dollars. Now you know why I keep this hairstyle. (It is also very simple to maintain).


After you’re done mixing the Bleach and stuff~

Separate your hair… (Okay brb. I’m going to take some photos of my hair now. This might be embarrassing.)

Back! okay~ So hair sectioning… It really depends on how lazy you are.. I am pretty lazy so I just went for two tiers.
(note: the less lazy you are, the prettier the ombre becomes because it doesn’t just seem to change colour, but rather, it fades in – am i even making sense?)

Two tiers would mean… a half ponytail! so simple (:

Eww excuse my non made up face.

(Eww, excuse my non made up face.)

After this, section your hair even more. I went for two on each side….
Again, the less lazy you are, the prettier they come out.


heh, looks… wrong.

Do the same for the top section of your hair!


After this, I have a sort of thing that I do, which is clipping the hair in the middle.. so that I know where I should stop with the dye.
(NOTE: Unevenness is key. That’s how it looks like it fades in and is not just a whole patch of blonde. So make sure that not all the clips are on the same level, have the next strand an inch higher or lower. )


Again, if you want a more gradual ombre, then the more clips the merrier…

But I went with two… It’s much much faster like that.

Because my hair is severely damaged (from the perming, the straightening, the changing of hair colour every other week), and also because it was previously bleached, I only needed to have the bleach on for about 20-25 mins to reach that blonde colour you see in the photos.

However, If you’re reading this, Em. I’d recommend a 15-20 min time for just the ends alone? for your hair. It also really depends on the colour you’re going for.


So do this for all the separations in your hair and you’ll be ready for the next step…


Hair dyeing!!!!

After you’ve mixed the powder and what have you~

You just… start.

Apply the bleach on the ends of your hair to the nearest clip from the bottom…

Do this for all lower sections of hair… sections? (hahah too many sections)

Leave it on for approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how light you want the bleach to be.
(NOTE:  If you no not wrap your hair in foil, you can see the bits changing colour.. However, wrapping your hair in aluminium foil, the chances of the colour being more even are higher. Again, it depends on how lazy you are.)
(ANOTHER NOTE: hair, when wet with either water or bleach, appears to be lighter than it actually is (I don’t know why).)

Once you’re satisfied with the colour, Apply the rest of the bleach in the bottle to the upper section of the hair.. meaning the section in between the two clips you’ve clipped on your hair. DO NOT WASH THE BLEACH OFF THE LOWER SECTION OF YOUR HAIR.

Leave it on for about 10 minutes.

So with simple math, the lower section would’ve been exposed to the bleach for about 25-30 minute, and the top would’ve been exposed to bleach for 10 minutes.

And with simple logic, the lower bits ought to be lighter than the higher.. and that, my friends, is how you achieve an ombré hair do!

Again, i’m not promising you that this would be a half an hour hair do because it depends on how fast you work and how fast your hair will absorb the chemicals to achieve the colour you’re looking for.

Comment/ Tweet/ e-mail/ Facebook Message me If you need more help.

Twitter: @Juliennekayla
Facebook: Julienne Mare Kayla

P.s. Em, If you don’t understand this (if it’s too vague) and you want me to meet up with you to help you with this, I would love to. You have my number 😀


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