Thank you.

I know you might see this.
and it’s exactly what I want.

I know you might not believe me when I say this. But you’re my J.
You saved me.

It’s hard to believe that anyone’s suicidal now, because it’s all talk.
I know my life’s more precious than that, but I actually considered it.

I thought, there’s no worth to life if all i’m going to know is hurt.
And i was so close to giving in to the temptation to go…

Then you sent me that link to the video… I know, It might not have been intentional.
But it saved me. 

I really need to thank you for that.

Thanks J.
And to the bigger J up there.
I know that this is you.
And i’m very sorry I even considered listening to something that wasn’t your word.

With love, 


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