The one who loves you…

I guess I’m not very good at speaking my mind.
Mainly because… I don’t even know what’s on my mind.
It really feels like a mess up there.

I’m tired, but i’m not.
I like this, but i don’t.
I’m hungry, but i’m not.
I love you, but i don’t.

It’s really quite crazy sometimes.

And as much as i’d like to tell you everything you want to know,
I’m afraid that I might not tell you how I REALLY feel, because i’m… lost.

So i’m single, and it has been for the past 3 years and 4 months. That’s.. depressing?
But no. I like it. Kinda?

But since the return from my stay on the moon~
I’ve forgotten how it feels like…
Actually, I never knew.
Sorry, I was talking about love.
I don’t think i’ve ever truly loved someone, or if i’m telling myself that for consolation.
But all my exs~ I can assure you that that was nothing more than puppy love.
But back to the part where i’ve forgotten.. I’ve forgotten how to love, and be loved.
I don’t know what it feels like.
I don’t know if what i’m feeling is infatuation.

What am i talking about?
Yeah, that night.
I don’t know if I love you.
Because I think i do…


Xx, Ju.


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