Annie Tay,

Annie Tay,

Thank you love, for being there for me when no one else was…
When everyone else was just too busy with their lives to notice that I wasn’t alright, but you did.
I really thank you.
Thank you for asking me out so I wouldn’t have to stay home and think about things I shouldn’t be thinking about.
You’re really one of the greatest people I will never regret meeting.

xx, Ju.


Thank you.

I know you might see this.
and it’s exactly what I want.

I know you might not believe me when I say this. But you’re my J.
You saved me.

It’s hard to believe that anyone’s suicidal now, because it’s all talk.
I know my life’s more precious than that, but I actually considered it.

I thought, there’s no worth to life if all i’m going to know is hurt.
And i was so close to giving in to the temptation to go…

Then you sent me that link to the video… I know, It might not have been intentional.
But it saved me. 

I really need to thank you for that.

Thanks J.
And to the bigger J up there.
I know that this is you.
And i’m very sorry I even considered listening to something that wasn’t your word.

With love, 


You say that I can trust you with everything.
As much as I want to, I can’t bring myself to.
You’re the only person I ever want to share everything with – really.
But the only thing I trusted you with, you couldn’t hold.

My heart.  


The urge to kill has never been so strong before.

What have I become? I can’t control my thoughts. 
Half of me wants it, half of me doesn’t.
I can’t fight myself anymore.
There will come a time where one side will give in.
I don’t want to know what comes next.

I’ve always been a better girl than who you have next door.
But I can’t say the same any longer. 
I don’t know what i’ve become.
Thoughts of hurt, death and everything dark engulf me at night…

Thought of murder.

Even when the victim is myself.

In his time,

In his time,

Denise is always sending me motivational pictures and always at times when I need it most… If you see this, Thank you de.
I know I don’t thank you enough, but everything you do for me to makes me feel better means so much to me…
You’re a great friend to have ❤