So I haven’t blogged in awhile…

That’s because my life is either too boring, or it’s too personal to talk about?
In the last week of my holidays, I did things I either regret, or don’t regret but I wish I didn’t have to regret it, you know? or maybe you don’t… but that doesn’t really matter.

For week 0, I was an SL! In case you don’t know what that is, an SL is a Synergy Leader. Sort of like a Group leader/Facilitator, but with a cooler name. 
I took the class 02, because I saw familiar names on the class list.
I absoloutely love and adore them!! They are the best freshmen anyone could ask for honestly – So enthusiastic about everything. That’s exactly what a group leader would like to see in his or her group!
That’s kind of why I was kind of disappointed in my group for CMM day? But I love those people too! It really seemed like no one cared? And I never really understood this.. but I finally do. We stayed up late thinking of cheers for them and it just feels… sad to know that all that was unappreciated and had gone to waste.
But maybe it was because we weren’t good enough. I guess that’s it.
Anyway, forget that.
I love my freshmen! And the fact that they still talk to me and include me in their conversations and all really makes me feel like i’ve done something right? (‘: 
and it’s really nice, considering i’m practically a loner in school now )’:
So I guess that’s all the exciting that’s happened in my year since school began.
Thanks for reading i guess? Whoever.



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