So… There was a post about me hating every second of dance training wasn’t there???
Well now, I love it. Or I loved it rather. Since it was the past.

Gem8 is over and to celebrate it TPDE style, we had a chalet!!

It started off really boring (for me) since I still didn’t really know anyone…
But with my group of girls, It was non stop laughter for us.
I really don’t know what I’ll do without them…
We played silly games like twister and had nice heart to heart talks amongst ourselves and it really brought us closer together and I can safely say that I couldn’t have asked for better friends and that I’m really glad that I met them.

Towards the night, we drank and played some drinking games. They were an awful lot of fun and I can’t wait to play the game that I learnt from Nathan and Belle.. Hahha 5 10 or smth, yeah~ And then I guess there are other things that I should not be posting in a public post so yup! that’s about it (‘: Hehehhhehehe Thank you dancers for everything. I love you all, deeply.


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