Title says it all.. If you’re not in the mood for a rant post then please scroll on.

It’s got to do with my sister going away to study.

She didn’t do too well for her A lvl Examinations and thus has to pay to persue her education at Melbourne university through the foundation programme or whatever. I don’t really know what it’s called and dilligaf. 

First bit.. I’m actually sad cause I haven’t really spent much time with her and everything. We’re not very close.. but still.. She’s been there like forever.

But i’m also very angry. I wanted to do this. If my father had allowed me to do this when i asked, I could be in Uni now… but he said no, and that it was too expensive. But why can she go then? I get that she said it’s the easy way out. but so what if it will help save a whole lot of money? because everyone knows i won’t succeed. I never do. I’ll do badly, and i’ll have to go through private education as well. you could’ve saved three years worth of school fees and three years worth of time… It’s about 6,000 dollars you’ll never get back and 3 years you’ll never get back.

But whatever.

I got over that. 

So i really haven’t spent enough time with her and was planning to change my holiday destination to melb so that i could see her..

I’m sorry but i’ll have to continue with this fucking post when i can cause i’m getting too emotional. bye.


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