I’ve just been asked a question on formspring… It’s more of a statement that a question really… 

It said “I like the way you pose for photos to make your legs look smaller. It’s really cute!”

Well… It’s fully of positivity, but I only see negativity.

I see.. “you are fat.” “You only look skinny” “It’s all an illusion” 

Sarcasm written all over.

I don’t know if his person meant it in that way, but it seemed like it. Because if they meant well, he or she could have omitted the part where it suggests that i’m fat.

All i took out of this, is that one should never post stupid comments online.


Because you don’t know their story.

First, It’s not a pose. From my photos, i can only gather 3(?) photos where my legs looks skinny. Two of which were taken under my bed, where i have no choice but to bend because of my height. The other, was actually an accidental shot… where i planned to take a self timed shot, but underestimated the time and when i leaned in to take the phone, it snapped. Giving me a surprisingly not unglamorous photo. 

I’m not justifying here.. because i understand that It really is an illusion.

But what it made me realise is that you don’t know people’s story… who are you to pass a comment about them?

Making me think i’m fat could take me to a place i’d never want to go to.. it could take me to Ed.

You don’t know that I HATE my body.You don’t know that I starve myself. you don’t know that I skip meals and avoid unhealthy things. You don’t know that i’ve given up all kinds of sweet drinks. You don’t know. You don’t know. You don’t.

Next time, before you put someone down. Think. Think about the consequences of your actions. If that someone died, I hope you find peace because it sure as hell won’t be easy to find.


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