New Year, New Life, New You.

Sooo… I didn’t come round to making a new year’s resolution this year.
Laziness got the better of me, evidently.

I’ve always been a good catholic girl for most of my life, but now that i’m no longer in a Catholic school, it’s so hard to keep strong independently.

This year, i didn’t even give up anything for Lent. I didn’t even think about it.
Trust me, I do feel bad, but what can I do? I’d have cheated myself if i started now…
So i decided that i’d give instead of abstain. I know.. “who are you to make up your own rules on what to do during lent?” right? Well, Nobody. But it is better than doing nothing.

The other day at work, there was nothing much to do and so I started thinking..
And then I realised how ungrateful I am!
My family loves me, I take them for granted.
My friends love me, I take them for granted too.
Even my friends families love me, yet i don’t show them any sign of thanks.

So i got round to “surprising” them.
(which was totally unsuccessful)

But they all were happy nonetheless.

My mother mentioned that she wanted the weekly planner that I had in my room, but when i went back to the shop that I bought it from, they’d run out! So yesterday I headed down to Kikki K. to get her something similar.
It cost a bit more, but what gives (‘: She’s happy.

Didn’t know what to get my dad so I got him Royce chocolate. I don’t think he liked it cause he said he neede to lose weight when I told him it was for him.. But he did still show some sign of appreciation, which was all i was going after.

Got my baby(sis, yes i call her baby. Still single as shit so..), the weights she wanted from daiso.. I mean it’s two buck, what could go wrong? and a red velvet cupcake from Twelve cupcakes!

For the older sis, It was just a red velvet cupcake, but i’m sure she still appreciates it!

I got Tessa and Denise cupcakes too! and one for each of their family members too!
I feel that I owe them a lot, for letting their children spend time with me and for sending me home, even when i live on the other end of the island.

I haven’t given the yongs anything, but i did get charlotte her Matcha royce chocolate that I heard her say she wanted.
Will prolly get them something tonight cause i’ll see them tomorrow 😀

I really lovely being nice and I don’t want to change.
You know that feeling? When someone’s smiling and you know that you’re the reason for that smile?






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