Paris, day 3.

So today wasn’t as exciting as the days before! Not going to upload photos because all the photos are repeats from my previous posts. We revisited the tourist sites! Today started off with us going to galeries lafayette to do a little shopping! After which we headed to champ élysées! Almost bought lv merch because everything was cheap! But nah, we didn’t! In and out of different outlets, we arrived at the Christmas markets along champ élysées! Beautiful place! After the Christmas market street, we made our way to the longchamp outlet! Just in time for closing! And unlike Singapore, where they rush us to make our purchases, they actually let us finish out shopping before closing! So mum got a bag… 290 euros. As if she was some rich woman. And I got two bags for myself! Both lepilage so it’s not that ex! Just 90 euros and 65 euros! So now I have three!!! Juliette got one too! And so did jeselle! I managed to get one for sarah and Tessa’s aunt too! So that’s like 7 bags in total! Madness! After all that shopping, we headed home! But we stopped for a Ferris wheel ride on roué de Paris! Then made our way back by foot to the hotel! Tip one, if you’re coming on a holiday to Europe and you’re from a place like Singapore where cabs are dirt cheap (as compared to Europe), start on the cardio! Taxi fares will be the death of you. I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow so I really can’t wait! It’s the second Disneyland ill be visiting! The first was Tokyo… But I was young and I can barely remember anything so I’m so excited! So goodnight!! Will do a post on Disney with pretty pretty pictures!


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