Yeah, Whatever.

So, It’s another  “feel sorry for myself” post,
Please excuse yourself if you only have nasty things to say (or think).

I was just in the shower just now, (As of late, I have notices that that happens to be where I do the most reflection)
and it suddenly hit me that i’m a horrible person.
I don’t know why people are friends with me…
If I were someone else, I wouldn’t be my own friend.
And that got me thinking… Do I have friends? Real friends?

Rachel, Unspoken. I love her, and she’s been there for me no matter what. I thank God so much for her.

I’m selfish.
I think so badly of others.
I really never ever try in a friendship (If you screwed it up).
I never let things slide.
I’m just.. Mean.
I wish I was nice.

Just, help me.


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