Surprise surprise…

Woke up on the right side of bed today!

The blueberries were going to take me out… but i didn’t know where.
I kinda don’t know how i did but it hit me that we were going to the zoo after awhile cause they said meet at AMK?
and i know that there’s a direct bus from AMK to the zoo…
Oh well, we went there. Just Bran, Vern, Fiq, Zat and I cause i’m guessing the others couldn’t make it!

Anyway, great day at the zoo… Zat will send me the photos so photos up another day.

We met for dinner! Teppanyaki! Great stuff…
Expensive, but good.

Overall i had a great day and kudos to the blueberried for (trying to) surprise(ing) me!

I’ve never had a surprise before!!

Till next time,
Xx, Ju.


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