Sooooo… I turned 18 a few days ago.
On the 6th of October to be exact.
So.. I’m legal. 😀

On the 5th, I had a BBQ dinner at my place. Called really few people. It was fun nonetheless.

Rachel and family got me doc marts. Told her not to waste money but I guess she really thought I was worth it. I’m really touched (‘:

My other presents were fantastic too! For cute lantern lights from de, a stuffed animal, daily scripture( i really like this), a bag, bracelet, accessories, money!!

On the night of My birthday, I went clubbing for the first time in my life. Hahaha it was a good experience (:

So uhm yup. I kinda did a lot of things that I should be regretting, but I don’t because.. I don’t (: I think it’s a good experience.

A scene from that night keeps playing over and over in my head and I can’t forget it. Oh well (:

I ended up kissing a lot of people that night. And holding hands with a lot of people. I should really get a grip of myself! I get high almost too easily. But never for long! And I don’t really get drunk so I guess that’s good on my part and that confirms that ill always be pretty safe (:

Oh well had a great night and I’m really thankful for all my friends and thankful towards the cool kids for showing me a hell of a good time!











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